The XX Factor

To be perfectly tongue-in-cheek, Slate’s gynocentric blog, The XX Factor, indeed has something of an x-factor. With a feel that is both playful and serious, the women of Slate offer up a wide range of posts with the type of jeux d’esprit that makes for a very readable blog. A conversational and often joking tone pervades posts, making the serious issues blogged about approachable and fun to read. Furthermore, the blog often addresses the reader or other Slate writers specifically, making the reader feel that he or she is engaged in a convivial and heated discussion of politics.

Ultimately, however, it is the mixture of “politics” and “etc…” that makes the blog so intriguing. If you want to muse on why Caroline Kennedy has opted out of Botox or the “hottie white house” that Obama is putting together, you can. If you prefer, instead, to enter into a serious discussion of the recent economic crisis or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the blog does not fail to provide. And that is why I can say, with some level of sincerity, that this blog does possess an x-factor, something undefinably delightful about it. The writers never quite put their finger on their tone or topic, and neither can I, making the blog unpredictably good.

The blog does not cater to my interests specifically and is seemingly targeted at a slightly older audience of women. Nonetheless, anything that comments (albeit flippantly) on Obama’s main change in D.C. as the “serious second-generation eye candy” that he is bringing to the white house is something that I can get behind. Definitely an interesting and informative blog that I wouldn’t mind perusing in the future.


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