Dot Earth: Nine Billion People. One Planet.

Dot Earth blog provides a unique, highly specialized way in which to read the news. These days, the environment is of pressing concern to, oh, let’s say, all inhabitants of the planet earth. Let’s face it: global warming scares, endangered spider monkey ants (disclaimer: may not be a real species), and whether or not you should plug your electric car into a living room outlet have been making front page headlines for years. It’s about time there was one specialized news source devoted entirely to our beloved home: the earth. In this way, Dot Earth differs from traditional news coverage, which is limited by how broad it must be in spectrum, topic and audience.

Knowing that it covers topics of dire import, the blog is generally serious in tone, becoming satyric only when angrily criticizing this or that environmental offender. The posts tend to be thorough but concise, using only a couple of short paragraphs to convey important information on the environment. And, though the blog is definitely opinionated, posts tend to convey news and news alone, legitimized by numerous linked references to other articles on the subject. Definitely a blog for serious environmentalists, but still accessible for the general newsreader.

For me, this type of news coverage is generally the sort of medicine best taken with a spoonful of sugar. The multimedia aspect of embedded videos and wide range of innovative topics for posts, however, gives the blog a certain readability for me. Who wouldn’t, after all, mind speculating on 11 questions posed to Obama’s science team or Steve Irwin’s role in the “whale wars”? Ultimately, Dot Earth provides all the traditional environmental coverage while still offering a fun and slightly off-topic slant. This blog may take a spoonful of sugar to go down, but I’m going to bookmark it–and try my hardest to actually click on the link.


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