PopWatch: Keeping An Eye On Pop Culture

From Entertainment Weekly comes a punchy blog that keeps more than just an eye on pop culture–it keeps an ear (and sometimes even a nose!) on it too. The blog covers a wide range of popular media, commenting on film, television, music, the internet and more. Posts tend to be a few short paragraphs which are supplemented by an embedded clip or photo–just the right combination to keep this reader’s rather short attention span interested. The blog is so engaging, in fact, that once I started reading PopWatch, I went into a multi-media trance, waking up hours later to find myself on the up and up with popular media today.

What gives this blog its particular pizazz, however, is the writers and their playfully idiomatic, pop-culturey approach to language. Though most likely pretentious, these writers at least don’t have their panties in a bunch over proper operatic and balletic vocabulary. And with topics like Tracy Jordan (30 Rock‘s resident bad ass), they don’t really have to. I will say, however, that the writing can sometimes be so satyric that I’m not really sure whether it is meant to be serious or not. Particularly alarming was a post concerning Kelly Clarkson, in which the writer asks “Is it possible for 30 seconds of music to make your day? Hell yeah — if that 30 seconds is a snippet of a new Kelly Clarkson song.” I’m going to give Entertainment Weekly the benefit of the doubt and assume a particularly wry wit. Otherwise, the post would seem out of place among the blog’s usual choice of content, which leans toward the sub-culture and the obscure. It must be said, however, that PopWatch, like Entertainment Weekly, appeals to a broad audience. The content covered is neither too specific of an obscure milieu nor too mainstream. It is just edgy enough for one who proclaims to disdain all things Starbucks and rom-com, but mainstream enough to appeal to the older and more conventional.

Unlike traditional entertainment news (read: Entertainment Television), PopWatch is able to branch into a wider range of subjects, from Paris Hilton’s Oscar outfit to newly released indie films. In this way, it is both a fun and valuable source of up-to-date information on all things pop-culture. Seek out your own Youtube videos and dig around on Pitchfork if you prefer, but as for me, I’ve got some reading to do.


One Response to “PopWatch: Keeping An Eye On Pop Culture”

  1. See, your presentation of this blog is so much more… objective than mine (shit that term is so loaded now). I immediately got agitated when I read popwatch because it seems like most of the stuff is about Bono and/or the Disney Channel and/or reality t.v. I don’t really see the subculture at all–Kelly Clarkson seems totally at home here.
    But, I mean, I probably shouldn’t have gotten so mad as there is certainly a place for this kind of material. In fact, I got really into reading about the Golden Globes on popwatch, but then when I had to write my blog entry I pretended that the whole thing was disgusting to me. So it’s fun, but I definitely don’t see this as a good resource for pop-culture knowledge.

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