The Cartoon Lounge

If you ever wondered what your nerdy comic book-reading, magic card-playing friends from high school might actually be thinking, The Cartoon Lounge has the answers. From the minds of The New Yorker cartoonists, we see posts ranging in variety from the bizarre to the obscure: always strange and always hilarious. With dramatic posts such as the “Best & Worst Elevators To Be Trapped In Of 2008” and dire predictions for 2009 (“Tidy Cats cat litter will get a new look and amp up its performance”!) you’ll get all the import of real news, without the news! I wouldn’t exactly call it literature of the informative type and reading it probably won’t make you a better, more worldly person, but then again, I’m not really the self-improvement type. If, however, you’re looking for a hearty dose of satire and a good measure of dry wit, then this is the place for you.

With every post so chock-full of hilarious banter, I just can’t choose a favorite, but I will say that any blog that describes itself as “a consistently tasteful shade of yellow” holds the key to my heart. Even if I wanted to stop myself, I’m pretty sure this blog will make it onto my bookmarks toolbar. If my newfound addiction becomes a problem, I would kindly ask you to hold an intervention. Thank you.


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