King Holds Talks With Saudi Monarch

This Jordan Times article, like the previous two I’ve looked at, utilizes a brief, formal tone, including only pertinent information.

The beginning of the article concisely notes that Jordan’s King Abdullah attended an economic summit entitled “Solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza” in Kuwait on Monday. The middle of the article then goes on to elaborate on key points, such as the king of Jordan’s side meeting with Saudi King Abdullah, which concerned solutions for the current crises of the Arab community. The article concludes with a broader perspective on the issue from Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Salah Bashir, who noted that it was necessary for the Arab community to present a unified stance on the issue.

The lede of the story, like the previous two, is a simple summary of the most pertinent information: “KUWAIT (Petra) – His Majesty King Abdullah, along with 16 other Arab leaders, on Monday participated in the economic summit, “In Solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza”, which commenced yesterday in Kuwait.” The writer provides the who (King Abdullah and 16 Arab leaders), the when (Monday), the where (Kuwait) and the what (participation in an economic summit). This focuses in on the information that is most relevant for Jordanian readers and serves as a good way in which to introduce Jordan’s stance on the current Israel-Palestine issue.

Because of the brevity of the article, the author could have left out certain information, such as the fact that Jordan’s King Abdullah “attended a lunch banquet hosted by the Saudi King.” This information does not contribute relevant new information and interferes with an otherwise logical inverted pyramid structure.


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