Round ‘Em Up


Jack Healy’s article “Reports Underscore Weakness of Economy” starts off with a snappy roundup lead that is, well, stronger than the current state of our economy to say the least. “Thursday brought a hat-trick of grim economic news,” he writes. “New-home sales fell to their slowest pace on record, businesses cut their orders and jobless claims continued to rise.”

Such a lead appropriately tackles the three major components of the country’s economic failure and introduces the trio of recently released reports with ease. Skillfully, the lead manages to provide a thorough summary and introduction without all the blah-se of a more traditional hard news lead. It is to the point and sharp and, despite the grimness of the subject matter (not to mention my general distaste for economics), I found myself reading further. And that’s quite an accomplishment. If I were capable of writing an article about the economy (the law of supply and what now?), I wouldn’t change a thing. Nice work, Healy.


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