The Blind Leading the Blind


Damon Darlin’s bacon-licious article, “Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog.” starts out rather tongue-in-cheek with a blind lead that goes a little something like this: “FOR a nation seeking unity, a recipe has swept the Internet that seems to unite conservatives and liberals, gun owners and foodies, carnivores and … well, not vegetarians and health fanatics.” It is not until the third paragraph that Darlin finally reveals his topic of choice: the notorious Bacon Explosion that has generated so much buzz in the foodie blogosphere as of late.

Had the article not been prefaced by a larger-than-life, full-color photograph of said bacon phenomenon, the story’s lead would have been even more mysterious and intriguing, but as is, it worked pretty well for my tastes (no pun intended). Given the over-the-top nature of the recipe, Darlin’s quirky, ironical lead works well with the subject matter: more tasteful than another bad bacon pun and certainly more appropriate than the solemnity of a basic news lead.

Admittedly, the end of the sentence turned out a little bulky, but this quasi-vegetarian reader will leave bacon leads to the bacon aficianados and call it a job well done.


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