Hey. I’m Talking To You.


The Bangkok Post wants YOU…to know that Pattaya City has a whole new image. “Connecting up Pattaya City” starts off with a direct address lead, trying, if i dare say, to connect with its reader. “If you think that Pattaya is just about night life, you may have to re-think,” warns the article. “Pattaya City today is working hard in a bid to attract visitors with a new image, as a place for families, an international convention centre and a place for world-class events.”

In theory, I like the use of a lead like this for such an article. Because the piece is about people and perceptions, the attempt to form a human connection with its reader is appropriate. In practice, however, the opening sentence is a little bulky. I could chalk my objections up to the fact that I don’t know precisely what (or where) Pattaya City is, but I would be lying to myself. The writer simply does a poor job of really grabbing the reader’s attention. The construction is less than snappy and any delightfully surprising content is not-so-delightfully absent. Since the article really is about your perception of Pattaya City (whatever that might be), I would consider sticking with a direct address lead, but this time with pizzazz. A scene-setter or startling statement, however, would probably work even better.


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