Lions Prefer Their Martinis Dry


Beaven’s Sunday article, “Prosperity? Lion Dance Might Help” is difficult to classify, but most closely fits into a martini/hourglass structure. The story starts off with a somewhat blind lead before going on to give key facts of the Lee’s Association Lion Dance Team’s Sunday performance. The middle is not precisely chronological, but does detail the event further in somewhat logical/chronological progression. Finally, it ends with a kicker that’s snappy but empty of content.

Though the nature of the event may make it difficult to choose an appropriate story structure, I feel that kabob would have been more appropriate. The story is hardly a crime, disaster, or a dramatic news story, as Inside Reporting suggests a martini glass story is for. Instead, it has a human interest feel since it focuses on a dance group of eight, possibly making kabob a better option. The author uses fluffy transitions, such as “Not to mention…” and “Which means that…”  They lend the article good flow, but detract from hard content. Though they are not necessarily inappropriate for an article of this nature, I might have pared them down slightly for a tighter story overall.


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