Reese Witherspoon Lets Down Her Hair

Much like the nude yet demur photo that prefaces “Reese Witherspoon Lets Down Her Hair,” Smith finds a perfect balance. He reveals the right amount of information in just the right places. His tale begins sardonically with an explanation of the “game” played between interviewer and celebrity, outlining each player’s move and thus introducing Witherspoon. He structures his story interestingly, around aspects of Witherspoon’s personality rather than chronologically. And, to be certain, he does not allow the article to wander. It is a rather ingenious construction, truth be told, and the use of the game metaphor matches perfectly to Witherspoon’s feisty personality. By the time he introduces Witherspoon with a scene-setting lead followed by an anecdote, the reader has been given the same first impression that Smith himself likely had.

Rather than providing extensive background, Smith gives a good breadth but mostly sticks to the relevant information. To give the profile a little more flavor, he brings in those who know her career best: actors and directors that she has worked with. Since this is the area most interesting to the public, it is a good move. He concludes in an equally effective manner, framing the story with a tongue-in-cheek assertion that Witherspoon lied her way through the interview. Skillful in all areas? To be sure. But for me, Smith’s witty banter would have been enough.


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