Angelina Wants to Save the World

This article certainly differs in structure and content than the last Sean Smith article, but one thing is for certain: his penchant for dry wit, skillful writing, and enrapturing his audience is all over it. Rather than structuring this profile traditionally, describing the interview setting and making that the main focus, Smith concentrates on Jolie’s humanitarian efforts and recent film “Pearl,” both of which reveal Jolie as a far more complex person than the tabloids would have us believe.

To accomplish this, he starts out with an anecdotal lead with a blind/shocking opening sentence that leaves the reader wanting more. Rather than go on to dedicate a paragraph to background information, Smith sprinkles little details throughout. And when he does give background, it is only in relation to the topic at hand, making for a much more focused article. But perhaps most importantly of all, Smith does extensive research for this story: he knows the history of the film and of Jolie’s work and interviews a range of people from all aspects of Jolie’s life. To give her even more “respect in a hard-news world,” Colin Powell’s praise is included. But, if you want to see the more human side of Jolie, then you need only look to quotes from those who know her best: her husband and close friends.

Smith provides an excellent window into the life of Jolie in this article and does so in such a subtle way, that it’s almost impossible to tell that it is an interview. Honestly, however, he had me at the phrase “as if Lindsay Lohan were a morning-after pill for Iraq.”


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