Marc Jacobs Exposes the Latest It Bag (and himself!)


Given that this Harper’s Bazaar article kicks off with Marc Jacobs “stripped down to a tiny pair of American Apparel underpants,” it wouldn’t need to be well-written. (It is, though.) The article starts strong with an intriguing scene-setting lead that depicts Marc Jacobs: in his underpants, covered in fuchsia paint, and wondering if he should have a cigarette despite the nicotine patch on his arm. The article ends with a broader statement by Jacobs regarding the economy, but keeps the same “I do what I want” vibe that permeates the first paragraph and, indeed, the entire article. The article is short, yes, but it was the detailed, edgy description and well-placed quotes that kept me reading.

The structure could be described as a martini with a twist. Instead of a mere summary of the most important info, the story starts off with a great description, managing to fit the critical information into the following two paragraphs. It then launches into a chronological account of the Marc Jacobs-Louis Vuitton-Stephen Sprouse partnership and ends with a strong quote by Jacobs. The article might have worked better if it were longer and went more in-depth (I certainly wanted to see more), but given the information used, the martini structure seems to have been a good option. A chronological account is really the best way to go for the tale of the Jacobs-Vuitton-Sprouse collaboration, since it’s unusual that they came to work together and takes some explaining. And other chronological structures wouldn’t allow for the spicy description of Jacobs’ tattooed bod that starts the story. Perhaps it’s just the subject matter, but I’m smitten.


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