The Dark Genius of Kyle Cooper: Worth Sitting Through


The Dark Genius of Kyle Cooper” early on uses a quote that sums up Cooper’s work: “The opening and closing credits are so good, they’re almost worth sitting through the film for.” A similar sentiment might be applied to the article, except change out “opening and closing credits” for writing and “film” for Kyle Cooper. Neither black widows (used by Cooper for inspiration) nor technology are particularly my area of interest, but I somehow stayed engaged in this story, which I credit to good organization, well-spaced quotes of the juiciest variety, and the use of an unusual subject matter. Cooper may be famous in Hollywood, but as for me? I had never given a second thought to the opening and closing sequences in Spiderman 2.

The piece begins with–you might want to sit down for this–a quote. But when an interviewee asks, “Do you want to see my black widows?” I guess you have to use it. Though I don’t generally approve of such quote-abuse, the author creates a successful anecdote based off of this which, furthermore, is appropriate (the aformentioned black widows starred in his opening credits for Spiderman 2). The story goes on to follow a kabob structure before ending with a juicy concluding statement about Cooper copy-cats. Furthermore, it brings the article full-circle by mentioning the octopus of paragraph one.

Because the article talks to a larger trend of Cooper-like titles, the Kabob works fairly well, but the author could certainly have benefited from a little more creativity. I would have liked to see a frame narrative or something similar that played off the opening and closing sequences that Cooper makes. As is, the article has a fairly narrow audience, but not in a bad way. While I might not enjoy reading about Cinema 4D and the graphics for Metal Gear Solid, others definitely would.


One Response to “The Dark Genius of Kyle Cooper: Worth Sitting Through”

  1. In this case, I think the quote lede works really well to entice the reader. Sometimes, good quotes make good ledes by hooking the reader in and providing a beginning to a narrative.

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